Laurel 4th of July Celebration

Celebrating our Nation's Independence

The Independence Celebration will take place on Saturday, July 2, 2016!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

9:00am…Parade Lineup @ 6th and Montgomery Streets
Antique & Classic cars line up in parking lot behind McCullough Field

11:00am…Parade Begins, Judging Stand on 4th Street across from Ashford Boulevard
Horseshoe Contest @ Gude Park (Laurel Lakes)
Various Food & Craft Vendors Open for Business through conclusion of Fireworks
Car Show registration at Mulberry Street between Lowes and Holiday Inn Express

12:00pm…Car Show begins

2:00pm…Hot dog eating contest registration

2:30pm...Hot dog eating contest

3:00pm...Field Events hosted by Parks and Recreation begin

3:15pm…Grand Opening, Flag Raising, Pledge and National Anthem
Invocation by Reverend Warren Litchfield

4:00pm…Reading of Parade Awards and Acknowledgements
Car Show ends

5:15pm…Music by Oracle

7:00pm…Welcome & Introduction of Mayor and City Council

7:15pm…Acknowledgements & Committee Awards

7:30pm…Music by Oracle

9:15pm…Fireworks from the Lake

All times are approximate

NO PETS! Service Animals ONLY Permitted!